Серфинг на Бали. Лучшие пляжи для серфинга на острове Бали

Where The Best Thing To Do Is Surf

Oh. : Once there's been a confirmation of seats and tickets, you'll have time and date to pay for the travel agency. Prepayment is 50 per cent of the cost of the tour, the second part is paid one month before the start of the trip.

B.: Is it hard to learn surf?

Oh. Serfing is one of the most sophisticated sports. With the right training and technology, you'll be able to catch a little wave and stand in the first class. We assure you that you will stand on the board in your first class or we give you a lesson free of charge!

B. The weather in Bali. Rain season.

Oh. On average, the air temperature in Bali is about 30 degrees round. The largest rainfall is December and January. The rains are usually short-term. The most difficult thing is the surf training in December and January, a dirty ocean. So we're not making a surf camp these months.

B. How many lessons do you need to learn to be nice?

Oh. There are different concepts for all of us how well to surf. But at 7:00, we promise you that you can get on board, learn how to balance, turn around the waves and catch green waves. Much depends on your ability. Someone's surfing is easy and fast, someone's harder. But everyone can sorphine!

B.: Since when? We can do surf.?

Oh. At our school, you can study children for 3 years.

B: Are we insured?

Oh. During your training, you will be given sports insurance. The basic insurance needs to be acquired, as very expensive medical services are available to foreigners in Bali.

B. When do you buy a ticket?

If I'm not on camp dates, I mean, I'll come or leave sooner or later?

B. If I don't want to take any services or, on the contrary, I want to go to other places not listed in the program?

Oh. We'll give you any tour of your wish, you'll know the cost by contacting us. If you don't want to take a favor from our program, the cost is counted.

B. I'm not a rookie, and I'm good at rolling. Will the surf suit me?

Oh. Of course it will. At school every day, six levels of education, so they're both new and professional.

B.:How much money?

Oh. There's $3 in the Café in Bali, in restaurants around $10. We'll show cheap and expensive places, you'll decide where you are. It's enough to take $30 a day if you're used to eating properly. I mean, it's worth $500 for food.

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