Serphine Training In Artificial Waves

Surf Club Moscow - Art Flowrider (M. Moscow)

Serfing is one of the oldest sports on Earth. The racing art is a combination of sport, health, understanding beauty and the power of nature.
Serfing is also one of the few sports that created its own unique culture and multi-million-dollar industry.
Today, surfing is the production of equipment, clothing, accessories, tourism, hotel business, 70 million fans.

In Russia, there are not many places suitable for racing in the waves, mainly Kampchatka, Vladivostok and Krasnodar Province, to a lesser extent St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. Urgent weather conditions make already inaccessible waves also extremely dangerous.

In the west, the problem of weather dependence and limited availability of waves has been solved by the construction of hidden silk parks, which are aimed at all-seasonal and safe catastrophe, as well as the skilled training of athletes and various sports events at the international level.

Flowrider is a wave simulation where, thanks to a sufficiently thin but strong water pressure, a person can practice, feeling practically the same way in real waves: a normal flow and a plumbing for professionals.