Обучение серфингу в Аругам Бэй от локалов

Serphine Training

CERFING is not just a fancy exercise, it's a combination of sport and health, an opportunity to show your strength and passion for unbearable feelings.
Serfing, as one of the oldest sports, has created its own culture, has become a master of sports such as skateboarding, snoothing, Windserfing, kiteserfing.

Serfing is one of the popular sports in Russia and around the world. The surfing is now sufficiently developed on the coast of many Russian seas. There are also places in Russia for good rolling, the Krasnodar province, Sochi, Anapa, Lazarevsky, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, and even St Petersburg.

The condition for surf is waves. Unfortunately, the wave season in Russia is very short and difficult to build under weather conditions. In the era of modern technology, this problem has been solved by the construction of artificially surged wings. Thanks to this athletes and surfists who care about their health, they can ride the waves for a year! Equally, all-seasonicity allows for various sports events.

Flow Rider ' s unique attack, which simulates the ocean wave, is a real finding for surfingists, as well as for those who are still dreaming of cool doses on the board. The bad flow of water moving downwards in a tidy surface gives a full sense of a giant wave.
For the first time in Russia, Flow Rider, an artificial wave, appeared in the Kazan Aquare Rivier, the largest in Russia and one of the largest in Europe.

No special skills or special training would be required for the surf, but it is difficult to learn surfing on its own. So it's best not to waste time and try surfing at the surf school. Having completed a basic training course for a professional instructor and getting the necessary knowledge, you will be able to get a rental board and go check on the Flow Rider artificial wave.

A unique opportunity to conquer the waves for the beloved residents of Kazani and the dear guests of the capital are the Surf Club Kazan in the Cazan Riviera and the founder and inspirator Flow movement in Kazan, a pre-surge instructor, Maxim Mamishev!

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