Виндсёрф-кемп на острове Рейнеке. Обучение Виндсерфингу,Владивосток


Should I or shouldn't we go to school? - That's what everyone decides for himself. Experience shows:

Fast and faster and cheaper (in the end) is to do it with a trained instructor.

Windserfing training is the specialization of our club. Over the years of the club, many people have been trained in Windserfing. Many of them themselves have become professionals and teach our methods around the world.

As you embark on your training, you can determine for yourself what should be done first!

You don't have to hug the inexplicable, but you always know better than what you're gonna do next!

It's desirable, but not necessarily, to read the book we wrote.

Training video. The videos of our club.

Our club has the most modern and reliable teaching methods. At our club, you will be trained in the most modern equipment. The teaching methods used at the club were developed and developed on the basis of personal experience and experience of the best Windserfing Academy in the world. We are following all the new developments in world learning and learning the best. The principle of Windserfing in our Club is simple to complex. Each step is carefully taken on the shore and only then on the water.

Istr - SurfLine is the certified center of the Windserfing Starbord Academy.

Windserfing Starbord Academy recognizes our school and we offer surfactants for the course we have. A well-founded Windserf is water training equipment that teaches a special training course on the shore, all of which enables our trainers to put a rookie on board in 1-3 hours. Everything to be done on the water, all manipulations with sail, first of all work on a special train, which makes it easier for a starter to do the first steps in the Windserfing! Our skilled instructors are always ready to come to you for help!

If you've decided to take a lesson, we'll give it to you, with all the special equipment you need for this lesson (and not the one you want to ride )

Surf Line

Skills and shares!

A present by summer! Sales of subscriptions for the 2017 season at 2016 prices!

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