Триатлон плавание в холодной воде

Cold Water Hydroxide

The widest classification of hydrocostums is the division into dry and wet. Dry hydro-colums are fully protected from inward moisture and are used at a water temperature below 60 °C. A wet hydrocotum means a water in the suit through stitches, lightning, open parts in the neck, hands or legs. However, at the expense of high body temperatures, the water is warm enough, and the hydrocostoum is warm. Wet hydrocosthemes are usually used for open water during summer season.

The most important rule is don't buy a hydrocosteam for the surf! Despite the appearance of similarity, it does not perform the functions necessary for exploding waters, but the more attractive cost sometimes complicates athletes. We'll explain: unlike cheaper ones. hydrocosthem for surf, the triathlon hydrocosystem not only warms the body of athletes in cold water, but also provides melting, which directly affects the speed of navigation and saves the force of a swimmer.

The vaults of hydrocostheuma depend on the price category, but even the cheapest hydrocostes for open water will support the optimal position of the body in the water. As a result, the swimmer's legs will be on the same torso line, which is very important for the proper equipment.

The first thing you need to focus on buying a hydrocosthem is its size. He must tighten the athlete's hull, but hope and take it easy. Too easy a suit will get water inside, and you're gonna have to drag this load on yourself. However, the too close suit will tighten movements, which will also affect your results.

Choose a hydrocotum without an example, which will help you with a special table of sizes that make every brand. By learning the basic parameters of the body, you can choose the optimal size of the hydrocosthem. By reference, you'll find the dimensions of the 2XU hydrocosts, the official waterway partner A1 TRIATHLON.

If you're afraid to break the hydrocotum (especially relevant for girls with an effective manicure), you can wear it in special gloves that can be purchased in specialized stores.