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Windserfing Boards

Let's ask you to pick up a board for your life to do the waterwork!

If a man starts to do Windserfing for the first time, he needs a 280-3.40 meters of 180 to 240 litres of swerp.

Such equipment is easy and comfortable to learn. If you decide to buy such a board, she'll serve a couple of three seasons and become a big entertainment for your friends and families.

But you, personally, are likely to grow this equipment next, and you're gonna need to buy a new board (if you weigh 60-90kg). If your weight is over 100 kg, maybe this board will serve you longer.

If you want the board to serve you more time. Buy a swingboard. up to 3.0 m of 160-180 l.

Large path:

1. When you get on the board for starters for the first time, you're going to have a little balance problem, but then you're gonna be more comfortable with her glysing, transhipment and other basic elements of sailing equipment. So you don't have to rush and buy yourself more equipment than you need. If you start doing Windserfing right on the short board, you can't avoid a lot of bleak falls. The most impatients usually leave, as they say, in this phase, a hopeless case. And it'd be easier if they bought the right board from the start, not the growth.

2. You're already glysing, you're in the tub, in the hinges. What's next?

3. You need a shorter board to stay in a strong wind and you have to take into account your skating technique and personal bias, but for the conditions of Moscow and the Russian Midway, the board should be 30 to 40l more than your weight. For example, the weight is 75 kg: 75+40 = 125 l, i.e. the board shall be 125 l and above, and for the sea the board may be 10-20 l higher. The density of marine and freshwater is affected.

Acquisition Windserfing equipment each wants the best price and quality ratio.

The quality of the boards is influenced by weight, strength, endurance and such uncertain parameters as the time of glysing, wave resistance, on the cap...

Here are a few more simple tips before you decide to buy yourself a board:

You must test the board or the sail you're going to buy. The board of the most authoritative expert has nothing to do with your addictions and feelings.

The Internet recommendations are written by people who wrote all this on the basis of their experience. If you have a chance, try some different boards and sails. Our club is meant for that.

Distribution of equipment prices Windserfing Very great. Don't let yourself go to buying, it doesn't mean much more and better for you. Be guided by price and quality.