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From 22 July to 1 August, a musical surf of the Island will be held in Bali. It will be part of the phase of the Russian Cup, which will define the country ' s strongest slaves in the shortboard and Longboard disciplines. The Absolut Investment Group, headed by Alexander Svetakov, will be the main sponsor of the event and will provide a personal example of surfing. His involvement in extreme disciplines, favoured skating sites, and why an investment team is invested in deliberately unprofitable sports projects, Alexander Svetakov is speaking in interviews with Big Sport.

In one of the interviews, you once admitted that you were doing sports: winter skis, summer tennis. In Russia, these disciplines are considered elite and their involvement is conducive to the emergence of useful insights and business issues in an informal setting. Serfing's a little off this list. What did you get so excited about this complex and unpopular view in Russia?

Starting to do some kind of sport, I never meant to use my sporting entertainment to develop a business. But I agree that tennis might be useful in that regard, although I wouldn't say that about the mountain skis. I like extreme disciplines where adrenaline is ejected. When you start surfing, it's hard to get off. He's, like no other sport, making a man to keep himself in good physical shape. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to train.