Серфинг в Португалии. Школа серфинга. Обучение серфингу. Серф школа

Portuguese Camp

Европейский тренировочный серф-лагерь в октябре 2016October is one of the most important months for the European surf. It is at this time that there are two phases of the World Championship: Quiksilver Pro France from 4 to 15 October in France and Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal from 18 to 29 in Portugal. At that time, the entire coast of the three largest European Serbs (France, Spain, Portugal) is sharing its potential not only for the serphin elite, but it is also a pleasure for amateurs to spend time with the dock and ocean.

To miss such a good story, there's no desire. But how do you do everything, and roll around in different countries on different sweats and go to the world's biggest competition to look at world stars with your eyes?

Mobile training unit

Евгений Исаков - инструктор серф-лагеря на Шри-ЛанкеThe way out is the most surf house on the wheels! Together with the Motion Moments project, we're organizing training. Serfer camp Intermediate. For two weeks of our mobile camp, we'll live in a comfortable house on the wheels, staying at night in the most beautiful places on the coast, so we can be on the best spots from the morning and not miss any waves!

The dates of our camps are:

  • 2 October-15 October: Spanish and French coast, visiting Bilbao, Santander, San Sebastian, Sarautz, Mundaka, Biarritz, Ossegor and Quiksilver Pro France,
  • 17 October - 30 October: Portuguese coast with visits to Penish, Eriseira, Lagos and Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Every day new coasts

During the camp, you're expected to be rolled out on a daily basis across the European coast (depending on the forecast) under the supervision of experienced coaches (the winners of various Russian competitions), video-analysing errors and a company of the same entusiastes surfing as you.

Best place for surfing in the ash accessible from home

Attention: The camp is designed for serfs with rolling experience, going to surf strip with their boards. On objective. ♪ ♪

Европейские песчаные пляжи идеально подходят для серфинга Георгий Феликиди - инструктор серф-лагеря на Мальдивах

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