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Serfing Is Low

Windserfing suits are perfect for SUP dogs. They're comfortable in surfing with the spring up to the icebox. It's really hard to pick a hydrocosteer than normal clothes. In addition to the size, the purchase of the Windserfing hydrocosthem needs to be geared to the conditions of the rolling. We'll brief you on the basic principles of choice.

The warmest option for cold weather is the dry hydrocotum. The water does not fall into it and it is safer than wet. He doesn't need to be picked up on the stick. Count on thermobel and free landing. The hydric is not isolated from waterfall. But all the hydro-coded vaginas don't come out, gradually heating from the body and creating a comfortable environment. Unlike the dry, the " wet " suit needs to be selected strictly in size. Give special attention to the nails on your neck, hands and legs. In these places, the hydro-costom must be tightly attached to the skin, but not to transfer blood vessels.

For rolling at a temperature of -9... - 12°C, it is worth buying a hydrocosteum for the Windserfing of the maximum thickness - 5/4. For springs, when the air is warm and the water's not warmed up, the model will be 2/2 thick.

The dry hydrocosthemes for Windserfing can be purchased in several performances. The most popular are neoprene and rubber (membrane materials). The neoprene blows the wind. It should therefore be used in the southern regions when the air is warm and the sea is still cold. The rubber suit won't blow. In it, you'll feel comfortable even with a cold wind.

What's better, neopren or rubber? That's not the right answer. For the cold wind weather, there is no alternative to the rubber, even though such a suit may be a little stiff and hard to wear/take. The neoprene hydrobox is good for everyone: elastic, light, unstable, but the material ' s absorption requires a temperature of more than +15°C.

If you're planning on surfing only at positive temperatures, what's the question of buying a Windserfing hydrocogram, long or short? Get out of the conditions where and how you ride.