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Serfing School In Portuguese

Great. tours in Portugal is the right choice of marine and adrenaline fans. Strong and unpredictable waves, combined with clean beaches and comfortable hotels, guarantee that the country ' s 600-kilometre vacation will be remembered, moreover, the desire to return here again.

The non-disclosures of the Atlantic Ocean provide waves near the coast of Portugal for any level of serphine rolling, so both starters and professionals can come here for recreation. For practice, select surfing tours and schools in Portugal located in one of the seven main regions of the coast:

  • Algarve,
  • Alentejo,
  • Lisbon,
  • Eriseira,
  • Penish,
  • Beira,
  • North Porto.

The number of steaming in Portugal is approaching 300, and it's literally at every step. Therefore, if there is a desire to learn surfing in Portugal, take a couple of lessons or equipment, it is possible to do so in a year round, and advanced surfing amateurs in Portugal (surfing) behind the perfect wave barrels (trums) should come at the junction of winter and spring. In the fall, Rip Curl Pro Search for the Spring in Portugal in the outskirts of Penish can be observed.

Algarwe, the southern province of the country, is a place to rest with the most stunning beaches and skate on the surf, where there are rocky beaches along with the sand shores, an impressive beauty.

Little away from the capital of the country, Lisbon, is the best beach for Portuguese surfers. Gincho is known for its strong waves and winds, and on the map of Europe, the beach is designated as the perfect place for the surf in Portugal, so it has become the venue for world champions.

Gincho Gincho Beach is 40 kilometres west of Lisbon, an hour driving in the car. The town of Kaskaish (Cascais) is in close proximity to the famous beach. It's a cult and a very popular place among the surfers, the Windserfers, the websites and the ordinary beachers. The waves here are considered the best of Europeans. Catage is not for newcomers, not even for middle level.