Серфинг в Португалии - личные впечатления • Форум Винского

Pennyche Serfing School

Школа серфинга в ПортугалииIt is in the Penis Peninsula, an hour from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, located Serphine school♪ Accredited by the Portuguese Federation, the Serfing instructor of schools, will help make the first steps of the newcomers and help make progress in racing technology for those who have long opened this remarkable sport.

The secondary school in Portugal opened in 2009. The school instructor has been accredited by the Portuguese Federation of Serphinga and is highly concentrated in numerous fields around the Penish peninsula. At the school, various levels of complexity are offered, ranging from newcomers to experienced surfingists.

There is room in the school and free Wi-Fi for guests.

Serials are performed by professional instructors. Depending on the weather conditions and the level of apprentices ' training, one of the beaches is selected on a daily basis, at which classes are held and transfers to and from the place of study.

Each occupation shall include:

  • Transfer to surf education,
  • The carriage of boards and hydrocosthem,
  • 2 surf training 2 hours each,
  • Museum and joints,
  • Insurance,
  • a maximum of 8 participants per trainer.

There are 4 domiciles located in the Serb school in Portugal that are perfectly suitable for budgetary accommodation in the constituency. The guests also have:

  • barbecue,
  • Inner bar,
  • Joint dinner and party tables,
  • yoga terrace,
  • Leads and gamakis.

Each house is a house with two bedrooms (almost they all have a separate bathroom) and a fully equipped kitchen. Each bedroom is for 2-4 guests.

Also in the capacity of the school is the accommodation in apartheid in the immediate vicinity of the beach and surf spots. Living prices depend on the type of accommodation, the time of the year and the number of residents. We will help you find the right conditions, so that you will indicate your preferences in reserve your journey.

Education (2*2 hours).

1 day 3 days 5 days 10 days
November-February 45 115. 170. 305 me
March-June; September and October 50 me 135. 195 350.
July and August 60 160. 240 435.

Individual training:

1 person 70
2 persons 80.
3 persons 105

The employment includes:

  • 2 hours (theory and practice)
  • Sale of material
  • Transfers to places of study
  • Insurance
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