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Особенности виндсерфинга в ТаиландеThe region ' s natural features and tourist enquiries have enabled the rapid development of the market for water sports amateurs. Vindserfing equipment and training schools have opened up almost all over the coast and the islands over a decade. The tourist season in Thailand lasts yearly, there are no sharp temperature changes, not the highest recreational costs.

Should we go to Thailand for the Windserfing?

As part of the journey to rest and take place in parallel, the climatic and geographical characteristics of Thailand must be taken into account. The waters of the Seam Gulf are almost always calm, there are no high waves and a strong wind. Professionals are gonna be bored here, but for starters and newcomers, it's a long time.

Условия для виндсерфинга в ТаиландеThe Andaman Sea is very beautiful, but it's quite cowardly. Yeah, we can find transparent water and high waves suitable for amateurs and professionals. But there's a lot of tsunamis, very deep, and it's possible to break into a lot of time. However, the unbelievable beauty of the aquatoria and the coast attracts tourists, including Windserfing amateurs, annually.

Numerous schools in which tourists teach the bases of Windserfing and sell equipment can be found on the coast of Samui, Phuketa, Kraby, Ko Chang and Ko Tao. Most schools employ Russian-speaking personnel.

Виндсерфинг в Таиланде - полезные рекомендацииThailand is a tropical country, the sun here can quickly and for a long time decommission the unrestrained tourist. You have to use sunscreen before you go to the water, otherwise you can be too upset to protect your head from overheating.

There are many swimmers, boats and various swimming tools in the coastal zone near popular beaches. Care must be taken, and stay away from the small-hull area, the good long coast of Thailand makes it possible to find beautiful, tiny bottles. Despite the hot weather, there must be a life jacket. Before we go to the seafloor, we need to focus on weather forecasts, the wind can change dramatically, and the storm will begin.

The bright sun, the luxury and the beaches, the bottles and the islands are waiting for the Windserfing tourists or wishing to learn this beautiful water sport.

Best Windserfing seats in Thailand

To travel in the Siamese Bay can be from February to April, the Andaman Sea season begins in September and lasts until the end of the year. The speciality of the region is the best wind you can catch in the morning and in the evening. In the middle of the day, the wind goes to the seest.

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