Серфинг: инструктор по серфингу - WIND STYLE

Training Tours

Alachachi is the best place for those who want to be quick and secure to learn how to ride Windserfing. Naturally, education for any level is easy and comfortable. Perfectly suited for advanced and is the venue for annual friction competitions

Name: Windserfing, Kiteserfing
Prices: 500 to 1,200.


If you're looking for a vacation in a low-cost hotel so that your children or other unsettled loved ones feel comfortable, and the hotel has a system that's all on, Bordrum is the best choice in summer months. From the elevation where the hotels are located, they'll be watching your racing. The Clab Armonia Hotel was fully reconstructed in 2007, its level became higher.

Name: Windserfing, Kiteserfing
Prices: From 350 to 500 y.

In the Marmaris area, a very long cosar is entering the sea. It's called Dacha (Datcha) and the nearest known surf place, Rodos, is 50 km by sea. Winds are so good.

Until recently, the lack of normal hotels has constrained the development of the Windserfing in the region, but since that season we have offered two hotels 5* and one surf hotel 2*.

Since 2009, the new Club Mistral centre has been set up, and the National Championships of Turkey have been running around for years.

Name: Windserfing, Kiteserfing
Prices: 800 to 1,600.