У Nixon появились «неубиваемые» умные часы для серферов :: Гаджеты

Spring Hours

Nixon Mission's target audience is serfers and sno-boarders, so hours are quite aggressive. The frame of the device is made of carbon fiber, hull and noel from stainless steel, and the round disk is covered by the impactor glass Gor Gillalass♪ The clocks are watertight and withstand down to 100 metres, a record of all modern smart hours. In addition, the dispensation of the device responds to the touch even being wet, so it is possible to use it, for example, just out of the ocean.

The hours are also shock-proof, and they have to pay for the ergonomics: Nixon Mission is much more crowded and the hull diameter is 48 mm. In comparison, The biggest. version Apple Watch - 42 mm.

The clock works at the Snapdragon 2100, Qualcomm and Android Wear. They have a complete set of all possible sensors: GPS-module for navigation, thermometer, barometer, electronic compass, acceleration accelerometer, height altimeter, hygralometer and humidity sensor. According to the assurances Nixon, the batteries are 400-mach enough for an extra-autonomous day.

Special cubicles for hours can provide short information on weather conditions. If in the chosen area the weather is perfect for rolling on the board, the watch will be notified. In addition, the Mission has two special applications, one for snoubborn, one for surf. During the rolling process, the programme will collect detailed information (sealing, medium speed, number of downs and lifts, etc.) and may be carefully studied at the end of the training. However, there is no need to take a smartphone with them: thanks to the GPS engine, Mission can work independently.

The company ' s website can produce an appearance of future hours of taste: 12 different nodes, three hull colours and 24 crafts are offered for choice. You can engrav on the back of the clock.