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How To Choose A Hydrocosm

When selecting hydroshort or hydrocosthem, the swimmers shall be guided primarily by the convenience and comfort of use when floating to a distance. Each athlete elects a producer on the basis of its personal preferences and often does not depend on the brand and cost of the exercise. With all the diversity of models, stamps and technologies in their production, particular attention should be paid to the fabric structure, the degree of compression of material in the main areas of tension, the density of silicone seals in the area of knees, the breadth and the density of straps on women ' s hydros. All these factors, to varying degrees, influence the performance of athletes.

A tighter fabric design with the lowest distance and length in the longitudinal and transverse direction, which allows for the most compression of muscle fibres, is better suited to perform ultra short and short intervals ranging from 50 to 100 metres.

When smelting distances of 200 and 400 metres, the selection of the swimmer shall be directed at less compression and rigid tissues. This is related to the fact that, with longer use, discomfort may arise from the repression of muscle fibers, insufficient blood flow and oxygen to muscles and a sense of leakage.

Floor to long distances of 800 metres and more than a metre gives rise to hydrocosthem, which should be geared to the maximum usability of use. In the first place, the athlete should focus on the ease of the tissue, the density of straps and silicone seals. They should not have a strong squeezing effect, as it makes it difficult to access blood and oxygen to muscle groups, which negatively affects the distance and the outcome.