Судно на подводных крыльях — Википедия

Serfing On Underwater Wings With Motor

If you've been bored by ordinary water skis, sir, Windsserf or Vicbord, take a new level on submarine wings.

The stacks of modern foilbard seats are often supplemented by the ball-strength and amortizer as a mountain bicycle. The amortized seat is becoming even more comfortable.

The hardness of the wings depends on how extreme tricks can hold the projectile.

Name: George Blair. Age: 92 years. Banana George. Professional: athlete, realter. Roll experience: skiing from 40 years; stains from 46 years; snoubbard from 75 years. Davis: Do it! Banana George became one of the first fans and water ski tutors on underwater wings.

George is the original way to ride a boat on his own stains, an incredibly athletic style and intimacy. Banana George, the three-time recorder of Guinness, is called the end of the water ski. In his 92 years, he continues to participate in water skiing and bosik skiing competitions, to develop new extreme sports (snowboarding, parachute jumping) as well as music.

Asked that such a vessel on the submarine wings, any technically submarine citizen will tell you about the famous Raquet, Meteor and Cometa, the speed patrol boats, and less about the “Great grief” Boeing PHM. And, of course, it will be about powerful synthetic and watermeasuring, diesel and gas turbine engines that are necessary to lift a heavy vessel and keep it over water.

Turns out, to steam on submarine wings, it's not necessarily a powerful engine. He might not be. Today, Filski (water skis on submarine wings, from English hydrofoil ski), foilboarding (Wykbord wings), kitefawling (the same but not the boat, but the kite) and their many variations are one of the most dynamic water sports.