Гидродоска с мотором Powerski Jetboard | Гипермаркет Экстрима

Serfing With The Motor With His Hands

A sailboard structure.

The most widely disseminated sailing boards with plastic sheet shells with inner filling of gas-filled plastics (Figure 15). This design is technological in large-scale production and is highly reliable. Glass, polyethylene, ABS plastics and other plastics shall be used as a drying material. In the case of a probe, the hull is practically immovable for a long time.

However, there are also shortcomings in such hulls. One is " booming " . If the surface casing loses hermetically, the water inside the shell shall be absorbed by a foam. As a result, the mass of the shell may increase by 30 to 40 per cent, and the moisture cannot be removed.

The empty body with a set (Figure 16) is deficient. This design includes openings in the hull through which the water intruded and the hull is ventilated. When designing such boards Windserfing The volume of the foam (from which the parts of the set are made) shall be so calculated that its melting is sufficient to maintain a smelting athlete in the event of damage to the hull.

The mass of the hull of such a structure has been shown to increase by a maximum of 10 to 12 per cent over the season. The manufacture and subtle of the kit, its installation is a sufficiently labour-intensive process, but in the case of a small series of shells, this design is justified. There are combination structures in which the mean part of the shell (under the work area) is filled with foam and the finality is complete.

Frequently, amateurs build wooden structure. They can be classified into three types: plywood and simplified sludges (Figure 17), with relay and combined design (Figure 18). The design of the first two types of hulls and the technology is similar to that of light sailing vessels. The joint stringer board, the vertical keel and the side shall be made of foam, bottom and deck from plywood.

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