Шри-Ланка зовет! - Surf Discovery - русская школа серфинга на Бали

Serfing School At Lunch Shrieks

Sri Lanka is an artisanal tropical island located almost on the equator. This advantageous geographical location gives the island a warm weather round and a wonderfully rich world of flora and fauna. The Indian Ocean ' s clean and warm waters attract more serfers from all over the world: great waves, the goodness and smiles of the local population, the developed infrastructure, and the non-stamped nature tourists will make the sorph travel to Sri Lanka a great vacation with excellent memories.

Русская школа серфинга на Шри-Ланке

Sri Lanka is well suited to study surf: during the year, water temperatures are not lower than 26 to 28 degrees, but at the Veligama site, where school classes take place, waves of logic and small, which are very convenient for newcomers. This is where the centre of surfer life in the southern part of the island is located. It's a great time to rest in the new world of surf and to taste the local collorite and to find the delicious fish that fishermen catch in the booth on a daily basis on which the city of Veligam was laid.

The Russian surf school in Sri Lanka operates a year round and is located in the centre of the widest sandbox, where the waves are found to themselves and newcomers and more experienced surfers. This place is considered to be one of the best beaches without stones and reefs throughout the southern region. The height of the wave is not more than one height, and it is the longest necessary for the first steps in the foam. It is worth noting that Sri Lanka has a significantly smaller number of tourists than in Bali, Portugal and Morocco, and that the local population is very welcome and that there are stacks at different levels, not only for starters.

The surf school with the camp is located right on the beach of Veligama. From comfort to surf can be hand-delivered, and evening sunset can be seen straight from a bar right there. There are Russian trainers working in the school with a lot of experience. They'll help you make the surf world safe, exciting and effective.

Getting ready. surfing on Sri- Lanca, you can count on surfing at any time of the year, because the school works without interruption. Choose one of the easy choices to live right in school and smash into the world of Cylon Serphine. The newcomers go straight across from school. Advanced students may travel to other spothes, surf-trips, during which students corroborate the theoretical and practical knowledge gained in a new, more " living " sweat under close supervision and guidance of school trainers.

During school, the board is placed at the disposal of students, so after a basic lesson, if you have the strength, you can learn the skills right here on the beach of Veligama.

The lesson is about 2 hours long. The time of the exercise depends on the conditions of the ocean and is announced in advance by the instructor, leading the lessons.

For the guests of the school, there is a cozy hotel on the ocean. Bassine, bar and restaurant, surf lessons and boarding, wi-fi on the ground and yoga space, all this in one place. There are different choices of residence, from accessible numbers, to bungalow with an air conditioner in a single house:

  • "Standart" number: number with fan,
  • "Standard+" number: number with a fan with an extra one-span bed,
  • Bungalow: a separate, standing house with an air conditioner.

Breakfast is included at the cost of living, regardless of the choice of residence.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 washing machine bathrooms, a European kitchen equipped with all necessary for self-preparation, a living room and a lunch zone with a large table of 6 guests. Each bedroom has a powerful ceiling fan, a double bed, a hold and a clothing closet. The guests have a small garden, where the evenings can be seen by amazing sunset.

A café of local and European kitchens, a bar of fresh juices and a European supermarket is available a few minutes from the house.

Hotel accommodation at school (principle for number 2):

$US$ 65

$US$ 40


$US$ 55

$US$ 70

$US$ 45

Bungal$US$ 90

$US$ 110

$US$ 60

* Breakfast on

Serfing (percentage per person)

Learning Option

1 lesson

5 lessons

7 lessons

10 lessons

Individual lesson

$US$ 120

$US$ 490

$US$ 630

$US$ 900

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