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Summer is a little life.

The story of the surf to the '70s

The right choice of the board can help you progress in the surf faster and make it easier for the maneuvers on different waves. Go over the footsteps of our surfers, find out what boards they were doing. These are the boards that allowed us to enjoy surfing until the '70s when surfing became popular and accessible to all. Rolling on a wave boat was already practised in the civilization of Do-Inkov (Moche culture) about 2,000 years ago. Archaeological discoveries prove that they're serphiles for pleasure. How can you not do the surf if they were the masters of the longest wave in the Chicama world, which can now be conquered if you visit the outskirts of Trujillo in Peru.2. Alaia The arts of the surf, in Hawaii, he’enalu, described Joseph Banks in 1769. Serfing was the main part of the Polynesian culture. The chief of the tribe was the best surfer and was riding on a board made of the best tree. The ruling class could be on the best surf beaches and the best surf boards, the others were not allowed to go to these beaches, but they could have earned that advantage by showing a high level The surf on its own. Dogs.

Paipo (up to 20th century)

3. Duke KahanamokuPaipo is considered to be the first surf board, and it was originally swamped on the stomach or on its knees. The standard size of the Paipo board was between 3 and 6 feet and was made from the bread tree that Polynesians brought to Hawaii on canoe boats during the colonization. Paipo ' s boards are considered a true classic servitude of indigenous Hawaiians.

Alaia and Olo (up to 20th century)

Alaia and Olo were traditional boards that were made from a beautiful coya tree that grew in ahupua’a valleys. The length of Alaia's board was 5 to 12 feet, and the Olo boards were 10 to 24 feet, which helped the surfers roll at them standing. The weight of Alaia reached approximately 60 kg, Olo to 90 kg. Olo's files only used royal blood. The Alaia and Olo boards were the beginning of the surf and of the doses.

5. Simmons 4.hollow paddleboard 6.bob-simmons-foam-sandwich-surfboard 7.lightningbolt

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