первая русская кайтсерфинг школа в Тарифе Испания кайтинг, виндсерфинг

Spain Serfing Russian School

One of the most unusual islands of the canary archipelago, the island Lanzarote I'm willing to put every guest in my hard volcanic embrace and charm the alien lavase landscapes. The island, which has not yet been exploited by mass tourism, has maintained a special relationship with nature, home in traditional style and the absence of multi-ethnic houses. Even more, this unity occurs on the island ' s beautiful beaches, profiling its special position in the Atlantic Ocean. Here, a professional surfer and a newcomer who only takes his first steps in the surf will find himself a wave of spirit and nature.

Серфшкола на Лансароте

As in the rest of the girth world, living through the waves of the North Atlantic, winter times are the most saturated season. However, because of its special situation, Lanzarote may reward surfists for almost a year, and the students of the surf school will never be left without business on the shore.

The first Russian surf school and Lanzarote camp located in the north-west of the island, near the longest beach of Famara, on the territory of the National Reserve. In a small village where the whole life is connected to the ocean and the waves, it's hard not to give up temptation and try your forces in a poem. For all those who want to learn surf, the school offers an excellent opportunity to do so. And if the ocean gives the necessary waves, everything else can be obtained at school: literate and safe training under the leadership of certified trainers, necessary equipment and a friendly atmosphere.

The Lanzarote surf school has everything necessary to train students at any level of training. For experienced surfers, it is possible to organize surftrips for different island slots known only to local hydians.

There's a possibility of yoga, kiteserfing or mauntinbike.

Based on the development of the World-Recognized British Serfing Association (BSA), an effective training programme has been established at the Lanzarote Spring School. Each instructor has been trained in rescue courses and pays particular attention to water security. Because of the lack of all popular tourist sites, the beach and the school will reward their students with an individual and friendly approach to each student.

Children from 6 years of age who can swim can attend school. A special programme has been developed for them to provide unrest for parents and the playing field for children themselves, to familiarize them with the oceans and waves.

The island ' s beaches are characterized by a great variety of waves, depending on the different conditions affecting their formation. This can be used by the school guests who already feel confident on the board. They have the possibility of organizing surfing visits to different islands.

Each occupation shall include:

  • surf training for 5 hours
  • maximum 8 pupils per instructor
  • Full medical insurance
  • Transfer to and from
  • Rolling of boards and hydrocosthem
  • Museum and joints

For all school guests Lanzarote surf, wishing to live in a fun and friendly atmosphere of the international surf-kempa, there is room for shelters located in a small fishing village of Kalet de Famar, near the beach, where most of the occupation takes place. Other beaches, bars and restaurants are also available within the ashes.

You have a choice between general, two-way or one-stop accommodation. Each house has toilets and bathrooms, a common guest room for joint evenings after a difficult surf, and a fully equipped kitchen for your cooking skills. There are many small diners and restaurants around here.

Tonight, time free from surf can be pleasantly spent on the terrace of housewives with a view to the ocean, another day along with the sunset. Here, you can share your impressions with new friends from all over the world, discuss evening plans and organize joint parties. It's enough to look at the surf video to just turn on the TV and visualize the surf world.


Low season

7 days of residence / 3 days


270 me

7 days of residence / 5 days of study



14 days of residence / 10 days of study

550 me

580 me


7 days of residence / 3 days


470 me

7 days of residence / 5 days of study

610 me


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