Обучение SUP-сёрфингу в Пенише | SUPtrip

Sup Surf

SUP is a very simple water sport. While classical surfing requires hard practice and regular practice, SUP surfing can be developed within 15 minutes. Of course, to the advanced level of learning and learning, but in SUP surf, even the initial degree of training allows SUP to receive maximum pleasure!

Three ways to learn how to ride SUP.

1. Come to free test drive!

How to use SUP-dock, ride on your knees, standing or sitting, turn around and we teach the newcomers in the test drive.

On the test drive, we test producer boards: Shark, Gladiator, Aqua Marina, Red paddle, Starboard, Anomy, Surface! The most popular models of carbon, plastic and aluminium fun are presented.

The preliminary record on the website is mandatory!

We go to the one-day SUP Marathons every weekend on the Moskov region's paintings, on the Black Sea coast. In the fall and winter, SUP Tour is organized in Egypt and Thailand. On the SUP tour and the marathons, we provide a brief briefing, help the newcomers get off the board, show the aza of the roars in different positions. In half an hour after the start, even those who first see SUP feel confidently on the water.

Choose the date and format of the SUP tour under " Enterprises, tours and news " . The schedule of tours and marathons is regularly updated, on the news!
3. Take the SUP Corporation.

The banquet's in the restaurant and the closed desk in the office is boring. Try to redecorate the usual vacation, run the SUP Corporation. Such a format would be an opportunity to spend time with colleagues, to learn how to ride SUP, to organize useful stimulants and training.

At the warm time of the year, we are conducting SUP-corpions in fresh air in hotels and clubs in Moscow and Twer district. In the fall, in winter and in spring, we travel abroad, organize activities in the Podmoscal Hotels with basins.

The SUP Corporation will help rest, team up, learn a fashion sport and have fun!

Training of trainers SUP surf

Basic and advanced training programmes have been developed for trainers at the SUP-dock rental points.

As part of the basic program, you will learn all about the rules of behaviour on water and safety SUP-Serfing, learn the right arts and control of the dosage, and most importantly, you will be able to teach others.